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At Haji Healing Salon, community healing means families, friends, partners, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers… heal TOGETHER. We share the space to lower the cost and remove the barriers to accessing these powerful healing modalities. Our large communal space is specially-curated, to comfortably offer multiple healing services at once, with a diverse tribe of healers. Acupuncture, Reiki and Asian Style Bodywork are the pillars of our community healing practice and they beautifully compliment each other. We also offer Sound Healing, Oracle Counseling (tarot/astrology/akashic records and african divination) and curated healing lifestyle workshops, retreats and happenings. To experience our services within this communal space, it’s best to wear/bring yoga or active/leisure wear that allows for ease of movement and gives our therapists easy access to your arms and legs. Our space is designed to inspire calm and comfort so people may nap, rest, restore and heal themselves. We speak in low tones and move through the space with reverence for the practices and people engaged in them.

The healing energy is palpable.

Take a deep breath as you enter and allow yourself to open to the fullness of this unique experience.

You are WELCOME.


  • Acupuncture: 60min/$30 first visit $25 returning

  • Reiki Energy Healing: 30min/$35, 60min/$65

  • Asian Style Bodywork: 30min/$35, 60min/$65

  • Oracle Counseling: 30min/$30

  • Individual Sound Healing: 30min/$35, 60min/$65

  • Community Yoga: $10 per class


HAJI HEALERS, MYSTICS, TEACHERS + THERAPISTS are certified, licensed, insured and at your service. You are in great hands!

Toni Asanté Lightfoot provides Asian Style Bodywork for community member Mayda

Toni Asanté Lightfoot provides Asian Style Bodywork for community member Mayda

Maria  Sista Shamon  Lanier provides Shamonic Counseling for community member Sherkerra

Maria Sista Shamon Lanier provides Shamonic Counseling for community member Sherkerra

Haji Healing Salon arises in response to the discord and violence plaguing our communities and breathes new life into South Side Chicago. This vibrant space for transformation is activated by powerful healers, mystics, teachers and therapists with the shared intention of inspiring and supporting people on a healing path. Because the devaluing of Black/POC lives in these times, makes true healing a radical act for us, HHS aims to make healing a lifestyle and THRIVING our resistance! Check out the powerful people who are at your service!


Acupuncturists Oracles

Amanda Frotscher, LAc, LMT

Chiara Galimberti, LAc

Kelsi Karch, LAc

Asian Style Bodyworkers

Toni Asanté Lightfoot

Nikki “Naga Shakti” Howell, LMT

Tim Timson

Reiki Energy Healers

Frankie Johnson, Reiki Master

Maria Lanier, Reiki Master

Eunice Marchman, Reiki Master

Courtney Smith, Reiki Master

Dayna Lynn Nukolls, Astrology

Maria Lanier, Shamon

Eunice Marchman, Akashic Records

Jade T. Perry, Tarot

Yoga Instructors

Aya-Nikole Cook, Vinyasa/Nidra

Sabrina Ewell, Hatha

Dr. Rebecca Hubbard, Kemetic

Mila Marshall, Restorative

Frank Mitchell, Kemetic

Sound Healer

Arit Tchiya Neters



The atmosphere is so loving, relaxing and peaceful... it’s an urban sanctuary in the hood.
— Inez Teemer, community member
Haji Healing Salon is a magical place. Each time I’ve stepped across the threshold, I’ve left the city behind and entered a lovely place of healing, peace and beauty. I felt healing just being there! I’m going back.
— Ayesha Worsham, community member
My home away from home. I love this place and all of the services it offers in the community. Please visit if you have not already.
— Celestine Curry, community member
Incredible experience at Haji Healing Salon! Everyone there had an uplifting vibe that can be described as nothing but LOVE! I tried the acupuncture and it brought me to a peace within that was very satisfying to my spirit. I will be coming back very soon to try the yoga classes.
— Baron Stewart, community member

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